Preparing Order

Q1 : What's mean By Preorder ?

This only applies on Albums / Official goodies / Dolls - Anything that we get from out side of Egypt 
so for this item you have to pay a deposit to confirm you preorder 

Q2 : When will i receive the item?

We will make the preorder Orders every 1st in every month 
for Albums 20 days (but it may get held in customs)
for official goodies 20-60 days (it depends on the shipping method we are getting your product )
Dolls 60 (since is the slowest / cheapest shipping method )

Q3 : How do i Pay for the deposit ?

Payment Method Here

Q4 : how much do i need to pay for the deposit ?

it will be written in the description box for each item 

Q5 : I Paid the deposit but it still says pending

 this only appear for shipping to home or regions since you still have to pay the rest of the album price 

Q6 : I want to buy in stock items with the preorder item should i only have to pay the deposit for the album ?

it doesn't matter if you want to pay them first or when the albums arrives to us since we can't ship your order until you paid your full payment with the shipping fee 

Q7 : how do i know that the preorder items are in Egypt ?
we will upload pictures of them in our Facebook Page Here or Here 

During Order

Q1. How do I know this item is available or not?

If you can see “ADD to CART” button on the page, that is available

Q2 : What Shipping Method do you use ?
we are offering Shipping

To Home ( Egypt EMS Post )

After Order

Q1 : How many days does it take to deliver ?
it takes 4 weeks to process your order ( This of course in Preorder items applies after we receive the items from Korea )
and 2 ~7 days to receive it 

Q2 : Do i have to pay anything when receiving the order ?
No because we only ship your order after recieving the whole amount

Receiving Package

Q1 : 
I haven’t received my package and it’s been more than 7 business days.
you Can track your order By calling 16789 and tell the tracking no. you received and they will tell you how to get your order 

Q2 : How can I get my package back if it returned?
Sometimes it happens because there was no receiver once post man visited your address. First of all, you will be received an email which is notification of package return with pictures. Then send us shipping fee via Vodafone cash or Postal transfer and contact us when you send the shipping fee with your Order ID , We will ship out the package within 3 business days after the payment received. However your package would be kept for 4 weeks in the warehouse after notification sent and then discarded.

Q3 : if I order a bunch of items , one of them is preordered and the rest aren't, do I have to wait till the preorder one comes out?
Yes, your package will be shipped all together after the preorder product released. However if you want separate shipment, you are supposed to pay shipping charge for each parcel.